Management Committee

The Management Committee of Nightingale meets regularly to oversee the management and development of Nightingale.  The Committee comprises individuals from education, health and business backgrounds who all have a strong interest in the development and progress of Nightingale. Other than the main Committee, there is a Staffing Committee that meets when needed to support and oversee staffing matters.

The Members of Nightingale Management Committee are:

J. Nelms          Chair, Community Member

J. Adamson     Vice-Chair, Community Member

M. Mason       Ex-Officio, Nightingale

N. Miller         Community Member

J. Proctor        Community Member

K. Sirett          Community Member

R. McIntosh   Community Member

A. Tasiya        Community Member

A. Wynne       Staff Member

J. Pereira        Local Authority Member

S. Perrin         Parent Member

(as at 1.9.18)

Details of Management Committee Members  pecuniary and financial interests can be found here: Nightingale Register of Pecuniary Interest 2018-19